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At COFY, our mission is to restore relationships and build hope. When possible, we strive to keep youth with their caregivers and out of residential institutions so they can stay in their communities. By creating a strong therapeutic relationship, we provide support and structure so that each child and family can tap into their inner strength and resilience. Ultimately, we guide families to heal relationships and build a solid future.

Core Values

COFY's core values are collaboration, connection, and mutual support. These extend to all parties involved in our cases, including clients, family members, clinicians, schools, and other agencies.


We believe that parents, family members, and caregivers are instrumental agents of change, and should be involved throughout the duration of treatment.


We passionately believe that healthy connections create healthy individuals. By replacing frustration and confusion with hope and love, we connect people back with their families and communities.

Mutual Support

We provide services that encompass and address multiple life domains, including social, emotional, and cultural.