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COFY was created in 2007 as a collaborative effort between a parent partner and a mental health professional. Aware of the limited services available to high need families, the founders wanted to help families in desperate situations find hope and possibility.

Through unwavering commitment to positive outcomes through supervision, training, and evidence-based practices, COFY has become a pioneering force in Family Mental Health Services in Contra Costa County. Since its founding, COFY has been passionate about providing quality, individualized mental health services for the children and families that don’t get the attention and resources they need and deserve.

Who We Are

Our staff is committed to providing the highest quality evidence-based therapeutic services to the underserved families in the San Francisco Bay Area. Comprised of a diverse and highly trained group of talented individuals, our staff has collective expertise in behavioral and trauma-focused therapies, marriage and family counseling, and child development and education. Each staff member strongly respects cultural values from all walks of life, and works closely with many different people and communities to build the strong therapeutic relationship that is central for healing.