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Functional Family Therapy

What is FFT?

FFT is a short-term, evidence-based practice with an average of 12 to 14 sessions over three to five months.  It consists of five major components: engagement, motivation, relational assessment, behavior change, and generalization. Each of these components has its own goals, focus and intervention strategies and techniques.

Additional information about FFT is available via the Internet at

Who is FFT for?

FFT works primarily with the families of 11 – 18 year old youth who have been referred for behavioral or emotional problems by the juvenile justice, mental health, school or child welfare systems. Services are conducted in home and community settings and target a wide range of issues, including aggression, truancy, substance abuse, and more.


COFY is currently seeking enthusiastic candidates for a team of 3 full-time therapists and a Clinical Supervisor.  We anticipate each full-time clinician will serve a caseload of 10 – 15 families at any one time.  The Clinical Supervisor will serve 5 families at a time as well as provide individual and group supervision and clinical oversight of the evidence-based practice.  All training for FFT provided.

How does a person receive FFT through COFY?

Any person interested in making a FFT referral may call our office at 925-943-1794 to informally discuss whether a potential referral would be appropriate for FFT, and to determine the appropriate method for initiating and managing a formal referral.