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Educational Mental Health Management

What is EMHM?

In 2011 (post AB3632), COFY developed a program called Educational Mental Health Management (EMHM), through which we provide services that will help districts deliver all Educationally-Related Mental Health Services (ERMHS) and stay legally compliant with the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). Services offered through EMHM include counseling, ERMHS and psychoeducational assessments, and clinical case management for students placed in residential treatment.


As with all our programs, the goal of our educationally related mental health services is to provide the support that youth need to stay with their families in their local communities and schools. Even if a student requires residential treatment for a period of time, COFY works with the student, caregiver, treatment facility, and school district to figure out how best the student can transition back home and still benefit from his/her education.

What COFY Offers

Intensive Counseling

When designated instructional/related services counseling is not enough to meet the student’s needs, COFY can provide more intensive services, both individually and with the family. These services are designed to stabilize youth in their communities who are at-risk for more a restrictive placement. Services can be provided in a variety of settings, including in-home, community, and school-based counseling. COFY believes that providing services in multiple settings helps ensure that new, more positive behaviors are generalized into all environments.

ERMHS Assessments

COFY can conduct comprehensive ERMHS assessments that will assist the district in determining what level of mental health services and placement options are needed for the student to access and benefit from his or her education. These are conducted by a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT), Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), and/or Licensed Educational Psychologist (LEP).

Psychoeducational Assessments

COFY also conducts initial or triennial psychoeducational assessments for its district clients in all areas of suspected disability. We specialize in complex cases that have been involved in litigation or are potential litigious. These are conducted by a Licensed Educational Psychologist (LEP).

Residential Placement

If, after exhausting all other interventions, a student needs residential placement, COFY can support the district in securing a prescriptive placement that will meet that student’s unique needs. Providing the best match for a student’s mental health, behavioral, and academic needs helps to ensure a reasonable length of stay and a timelier return home. We partner with many California Department of Education (CDE) recognized residential treatment centers, both inside and out of the State. When necessary, we can also place students in specialized, non-CDE approved facilities.

Clinical Case Management

While a student is placed in a residential treatment center (RTC), we pair students and their families with a Clinical Case Manager who helps the families prepare the student for placement, conducts quarterly visits with the student in placement, monitors the treatment and educational goals, writes quarterly update reports, attends IEPs, and helps with the transition back into the home community. During the student’s stay in an RTC, the Clinical Case Manager provides counseling and support for the family, so that the home environment is better prepared to support the student. Post-placement, the student can be placed with a clinician to provide counseling services designed for transition and re-entry into the community.


Additionally, for those districts interested in building the capacity to serve students with ERMHS needs, COFY provides a wide range of consultation services.


For Caregivers and Youth

For Professionals